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Cellular Antennas

GSM/UMTS/3G/HSPA/LTE antennas to boost your cellular signal

Image Product Code Description
ADPT-026 Universal 3G/HSPA adapter for USB modems and PCMCIA Express cards without antenna connector
ADPT-024 Universal GSM/3G Adapter for Mobile Phones or (larger) USB dongles
PATCH-A0036 Dual Polarized panel antenna for 800 MHz LTE applications
PANL-A0033 2.6 GHz Wall and Window Mount Panel Antenna for LTE
PANL-A0038 1700-2200MHz 11dBi Wall/Window Mount Antenna with 5m cable and SMA m
LPDA-A0044 Cellular directional booster antenna with 7m cable covering all cellular bands from 850-2800 MHz
LPDA-A0020 680-2900MHz broadband directional antenna covering GSM/3G/LTE
PANL-A0009 Cellular All-Band Panel Enclosure (for electronics to mount inside)
OMNI-A0121 All-Band Cellular Omni-Directional Antenna (medium gain, outdoor)
OMNI-A0069 900-2200MHz medium gain antenna for fixed indoor or outdoor installation
OMNI-A0085 Panel mount cellular quad band antenna
OMNI-A0039 GSM blade antenna
OMNI-A0047 High Gain All Band Cellular Omni
SPLT-A0014 GSM 2-way Splitter
SPLT-A0013 GSM 4-way Splitter
SPLT-A0003 Broadband 8-way Splitter
DIPL-A0001-01 Covert GSM Multiband Omnidirectional Antenna, ideal for vehicle tracking
PATCH-A0025 Circular 900MHz Patch Antenna
PATCH-A0026 Linear 900MHz Patch Antenna
PIFA-A0002 Dual-Band Cellular PIFA

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