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3G/HSPA medium gain Omni antenna
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3G/HSPA medium gain Omni antenna

Product code: OMNI-A0069

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This medium gain antenna is robust and meant for a fixed, outdoor or indoor installation. The antenna has a gain of 4.6 - 6.3dBi (depending on the frequency) and covers the 860 - 960 MHz and 1710 - 2170 MHz frequency bands.

As the antenna is omni-directional it does not have to be pointed towards the tower, but will communicate with all cellular or GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA enabled towers that is locates. It also has the benefit that should one tower be congested, it can switch to the next.

It is just 50 cm long and comes with a L-bracket and U-bolts that allows you to fit it on a pole up to 50 mm in diameter or against a wall.

This item is the antenna only. It comes with a N(f) connector. Please remember to buy extension cables and adapter cables for your application. Note that longer cable weakens the signal you receive somewhat. Always use the shortest cable possible.

Use this antenna to improve data reception: Should you want to use it to improve your GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA reception, you must remember to get an adapter for your specific 3G card. Poynting does have adapters available for SIERRA WIRELESS, HUAWEI, NOVATEL and OPTION cards. You can also use it with your 3G router like the ones from Option, Sarian or Ericsson. We have various clients that use it with the Linksys and other routers. Remember to get the adapter that goes with the 3G card.

This antennas is used successfully with:
- Community Telephones
- Mobile Offices
- Voice/Data
- Off-shore communications (ships, sailboats, yachts)

Use this antenna to improve cellular voice reception: The omni-directional antenna can also be used with our universal adapter for improved voice reception.

Installation: The antenna is supplied with an L bracket with U-Bolts to fit on a pole up to 50 mm in diameter. It can also be fitted directly onto a wall.

Connect your extension cable to the N-type connector. Mount the antenna on a pole outside the home or office. The antenna must be installed as high as the cable allows. Take the cable into the house or office and connect the extension cable the 30 cm long 3G adapter cable. The other end of the adapter cable gets connected to your 3G card.

Packaged dimensions : 63 x 11 x 7 cm (antenna only)
63 x 11 x 17 cm (antenna and bracket)

Packaged weight : 1 kg

Customer feedback:

"... We've installed it (the OMNI-A0069) and it was a complete success!!! Not only we could get GPRS signal to improve from 1 bar to 4 bars, but we finally switched to fast-speed 3G HSDPA network about which existence we didn't even know! With the 3G network we can even have normal quality Skype calls. ... Everything is fine - the cable is long enough, the adapter fits perfectly, the antenna is made from strong and qualitative materials. ." (from Latvia)

"OMNI with ADPT-024 in Greece: I received the antenna today and it seems to work very well. Thank you very much for taking care of my order. "

Commonly asked questions:

What does a high gain 3G Antenna do?

Provided that you are within the 3G/HSDPA signal range a higher gain antenna will provide you with higher data rates as your signal to noise ratio is increased, thus a better transfer rate can be achieved.

A high gain antenna mounted outside in a fixed position will also result in a more stable signal.

Please bear in mind that the 3G/HSDPA data rate will also be affected by the number of subscribers on line at a particular time, so you may have great throughput in the mornings and late evenings and during the day this may drop.

3G/HSPA medium gain Omni antenna Data Sheet (223,32 KB)