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5GHz 20dBi Dual Polarized BridgePoynt
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5GHz 20dBi Dual Polarized BridgePoynt

Product code: WLAN-A0043

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The WLAN-A0043 is an outdoor enclosure with integrated 5GHz, dual polarized antennas (two integrated antennas: one vertically polarized and one horizontally polarized both with the same gain).
It also features a waterproof ethernet gland with an integrated RJ45 connector for direct clip-on and clip-off of your ethernet cable without having to open the enclosure. Six movable posts with self tapping screws and double-sided tape are provided to mount your electronics and a mast mounting bracket with elevation tilt and azimuth adjustment is also included.
For protection from surges and static buildup, the product features a grounding lug to ground internally mounted electronics to the mounting structure if desired and the internal antenna antennas are both DC shorted.


  • Integrated dual polarised 5GHz antennas with DC short
  • External grounding lug
  • Waterproof RJ45 gland

Application areas:

  • 5 GHz CPE applications (WiFi/Wimax)
  • Long range point-to-point links using dual radio technology

5GHz 20dBi Dual Polarized BridgePoynt Data Sheet (289,44 KB)