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Cellular Quad-band medium gain antenna3G/HSPA medium gain Omni antenna

2.4GHz Omni, 5GHz Panel BridgePoynt
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2.4GHz Omni, 5GHz Panel BridgePoynt

Product code: WLAN-A0033

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This antenna consists of a 20dBi 5GHz panel antenna with two 8dBi omni-directional antennas mounted on top of a waterproof enclosure. It is ideal for creating long-distance 5GHz links with local 2.4GHz coverage. The combination of 8dBi gain and space diversity will ensure that the local area is properly covered.


  • High gain 5GHz panel antenna
  • Two high gain omni-directional antennas
  • Water-proof enclosure for mounting electronics inside



  • IEEE802.11a (5GHz) long distance links
  • IEEE802.11b/g (2.5GHz) local coverage
  • HotSpot installations
  • Space diversity or run two 2.5GHz links from the same enclosure

2.4GHz Omni, 5GHz Panel BridgePoynt Data Sheet (469,54 KB)